Inmotion Hosting Review

Finding a Best hosting company is quite difficult these days because so many companies available around. In order to end up with the best one, one must go for a company which promotes flexibility, reliability and even consistency. It also needs to have a great customer service which comes with a stable technical support. Stable would have to mean fast and at the same time, reliable. All of these and more can be found on Inmotion Hosting.

What’s with Inmotion Hosting?

Inmotion Hosting Company comes with an impeccable hardware. They commend their talent most especially to their associates. They have been giving 4 years of professional assistance already. They have made a way for the reason that they have a good support staff. Their support staff is not just people who came from elsewhere. They have been trained just to meet the needs of their clients.

They can be reached through chat, phone or even support emails. Those people manning this support system of them have undergone 160 hours of internal training which covers various subjects like LAMP stack, CentOS, email clients and everything related to such. This is not just it. Their management team is coupled with technology experts who have been in the hosting field for almost 10 years. They have been making their associates happy by the means of team outings, annual picnics, free lunches among others. They know for a fact that they have to keep their customers happy.

What makes Inmotion reliable and fast is the fact that makes use of the Linux and Unix operating systems. Meaning, it is being monitored 24/7 to check on its activity and performance. This is the reason why the company can respond to short-term issues if there is a need to do so. They are always willing to grow their system. With this, they make it broadband ready and even economically redundant all at the same time. Because of this technology, the company was able to offer their clients domain name registration and even web hosting that is topnotch most especially, against their competitors. Just in reliability, economy and speed alone, Inmotion is commendable. It offers max speed zones, which is not just being offered by an average web hosting company.

The reliability Inmotion has is related to it being fully redundant. This is where the climate controlled data centers. Just recently, they have gone through brand new expansions and improvements. These revolve around their data centers which upgrade their carrier level platforms. In order to be efficient, they make sure to consult their business partners. They have four Tier 1 ISP which is always available.

This means that whenever something bad takes place, they have multiple backups just for the data to keep on flowing. Their routers have been upgraded too. This makes them even more efficient. Their data centers would have to be the most secured places there is. They are armed with guards, locked vaults and even hand scanners. All of these are very similar to what one can see in watching sci-fi movies.

Inmotion makes sure that it keeps on growing. They always look for new software whenever they can. They make sure that the methods they discover compliment that of their existing tools. It is not just a business for them, but also a pride that they want to uplift. They are always open for customer suggestions through their formal evaluation. This is their way to grow and learn even more.


For people who are to use the service they are offering, they will be able to enjoy 50% off. This is where one will be entitled for a $13.99 monthly. This is for new customers. Usually, there are three plans being offered. First is their starter package R-1000. This starter packages starts at 13.99 monthly. This is originally $27.99. It comes with a disk space of 60Gb. As for the bandwidth, it also comes with 600 GB monthly. For those looking at a really great deal, the best value would have to be the R-2000. This can be availed for $19.99 monthly. This is $39.99 before. It comes with a 90 GB disk space and a 9000GB bandwidth. As for the R-3000 plan, a business will be entitled for 120GB disk space and 1, 2000 GB for only $27.49. This is originally $54.99.

Among the hosting they offer are business hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting and reseller hosting. Business website is perfect for small businesses. VPS hosting is for large businesses. Dedicated servers are for large business to enterprise-level while reseller hosting is good for those who want to invest in a hosting business.

Business hosting comes in three plans where the starting pay is $5.99 monthly. They offer free domain, data backups, max speed zone and even 90-day guarantee. VPS hosting on the other hand can be availed for the starting price of $29.99 monthly. Dedicated servers can be availed from $119.99 monthly. This pricing is usually being offered to new customers. They have rebootless upgrades, 99% net uptime, 30 day guarantee and managed hosting. Reseller hosting on the other hand can be purchased for only $13.99 monthly. It comes with free billing software, cPanel and WHM, 90-day guarantee, domain reseller, backups, auto installer, legacy code among others.

Website Hosting Tools

Apart from the aforementioned, Inmotion also offers a wide range of features and even software that will help a particular website to stand out. They have the most famous blogging and CMS software like Drupal, WordPress and Joomla. These features can be installed quickly. Thanks to the help of Softaculous. This is a one-click installation script which is connected with cPanel. Inmotion hosting supports would have to be the most known PHP and MySQL software.

There are many features one can expect from such website building tools. Among the said features include account management, website builders, e-commerce, CMS software etc.

In order to learn more about this hosting company, it will be very useful to look at their website.

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